Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The Real World

Unfortunately my creative burst has been interrupted by the real world, and i have to go off and sort out a few things. That's one of the problems when you work from home, you are not officially "at work" so people presume you can just drop everything.

With my love for lists i thought maybe i should write a little list of rules for myself and the way i use my blog, so here goes.

  • Don't moan about the weather (too much)
  • Don't spend too much time writing this blog
  • Try and post lots of photos of my work
  • Try to talk more about my work and inspirations, than holidays & cooking
  • Use this blog to keep focused
  • Have fun & enjoy the ride

So i am off to civilisation for a few days, maybe i can cheer up my trip with some crafty purchases!!

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