Thursday, 26 September 2013

For April, For Machynlleth.

This isn't going to be easy to write which is why it's taken me till now, but today the day of April's funeral seems like the right time.
I made this last year, when the peaceful community I had just moved away from.... the place I called home for the previous ten years was rocked by the disappearance of a beautiful five year old girl.
Being thousands of miles away I couldn't join my friends in the search, so we lit candles, prayed and well.... I made this. I wanted to represent the community coming together searching, I'm not going to explain anymore about it than that and I wish the story had a happy ending.
Today I wish peace to April's family and to Machynlleth xxx

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Live The Life You Love

I made this felt painting earlier in the year and I sold it so quick I didn't get round to taking any photos of it....and I have been a bit gutted since as I really loved it (not about selling it, that bit was great but the no photos : ( silly me  )
So I was super relieved this morning when I might of been moaning a little bit to my other half, and he told me he had some on his phone....Hooray thank you Mr Snap Happy. Normally I'm telling him off for taking TOOOOO many photos!
He even had these of me making it. It was inspired by the amazing sunset colours which were wet felted. Then the wonderful words to live by "Live the life you love" were needle felted on in sushine yellows and oranges. It was then stretched on a canvas frame.
I will be making more like this, as I think its great to have positive words around you.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Happy 5th my Etsy Shop!!

Can't believe it's my 5th birthday on Etsy today...times really flies when you're making rainbows!!!!
Seeing as 5 is my favourite and best and luckiest number I am treating you all to a week of 20% discount in that good old Etsy shop.
Just enter
in the coupon code box when placing your order. So if there's something you've had your eye on or you're super organized for thingymas take advantage as I don't often do discounts.
Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me happy happy happy!!!!!!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Making Rainbow Mobiles

If you follow me on Facebook you'll know I've been working on rainbow mobiles recently.
I made the one above 3 years ago as a custom order for a lovely customer and since then I have been trying to design one to make available in my Etsy shop, I have had many requests for them and have a made a few others but never managed to get round to getting one in the shop.
Yesterday I spent the WHOLE day working on this, which is gorgeous if I do say so myself!!! But its huge.... too big for the average rainbow lover. And too complicated I just can't get it right, so back to the drawing board AGAIN!!
And hoorah I made one, a lovely plush rainbow with a shower of blue raindrops and not too big and not too complicated!!
BUT I do want to make one with clouds too so will be trying to design another one too and hoping that it doesn't take me three years this time - but hey good things are worth waiting for right??