Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Live The Life You Love

I made this felt painting earlier in the year and I sold it so quick I didn't get round to taking any photos of it....and I have been a bit gutted since as I really loved it (not about selling it, that bit was great but the no photos : ( silly me  )
So I was super relieved this morning when I might of been moaning a little bit to my other half, and he told me he had some on his phone....Hooray thank you Mr Snap Happy. Normally I'm telling him off for taking TOOOOO many photos!
He even had these of me making it. It was inspired by the amazing sunset colours which were wet felted. Then the wonderful words to live by "Live the life you love" were needle felted on in sushine yellows and oranges. It was then stretched on a canvas frame.
I will be making more like this, as I think its great to have positive words around you.

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