Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Fishy Felted Slippers

I am really happy to have finished my latest pair of felted slippers. These are the 4th pair i have made since doing a felted slipper course with local felt artist & textiles teacher Sue Terrey.

The photos show a few different stages of the slipper making process, and the finished work of art - if i do say so myself!

They were made as a birthday present for a fish mad 5 year old boy, Luke! ( i think he liked them : ) )

It was great to try and portray an illustrative ocean scene using wet felting techniques and then add a few little details using needle felting, i only snapped one needle! I also included some angelina fibres, some metallic nylony stuff (sure its got a posh name) and some curly Wednesleydale too! All good fun!!


craftygurl said...

how totally cute! :)

was putting up a photo slideshow and your photos came about... had to check your stuff out... you are so artistic! :) thank you for sharing your lovely work with all of us in the web.

I would love to try to do the rainbow cane... my first try w/ a can, it was awful... but would love to try your gorgeous cane... :) it will be for personal use not for sale. I'm a hobbiest/crafter that loves to learn, learn...

~ craftygurl ~

studioodd said...

these are soo sweet!!

craftygurl said...

its a widget that you can add to your blog through blogger... :) in the page element section then you add the gadget named slideshow and you can pick from picasa, flickr, photbucket or other... here's the link [] for the help on how to put the widget/gadgets...

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