Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Freinds and family.....NO PEEKING!!!

'Christmas Rainbow'
A hand stitched felt illustration by Clara Luna.

Here it is, the final finished Christmas illustration all photographed and cut out in Photoshop. I do hope none of my friends and family are peeking i did warn you! : ) I am so happy with how this has turned out, I just kind of did it with no real plans or sketches......and it looks so fab! I really enjoyed working on this project and all the little details in the picture, the beads, sequins and the stitched signature - love it! It is a such a happy and colourful Christmas picture! I feel it really sums up my style and what my work is all about!

So I managed to get my cards printed and wow they look fab, but i couldn't find envelopes to fit so i set about on my first envelope making project and here they are my very own rainbow of envelopes - i am proud!

Here they are, my beautiful cards all wrapped up with a handmade envelope. These are available in my Etsy shop either individually with a choice of envelope colour, or in a pack of 7 with a rainbow of envelopes.

Its not a great photo of the back of the card, but I just love it so much.

Happy happy happy!

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Leslie said...

These look fantastic! Your shop is great, i love all the colors!!