Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Etsy Treasury

Etsy have started doing some new stuff on the front page. Showing items from Time Machine 2, Pounce and making there own collections using search terms such as "turquoise" "forest" "sweetheart". I really like this idea, but I do hope it doesn't take over from the treasuries too much. I love waiting in anticipation for a treasury with my collection of favourite items or work from my CIC team mates. Of course I love perusing the treasuries especially for any 'Rainbow' ones and then that lovely feeling when I see a yellow star : )
This is a super colourful treasury my work is in at the moment, created by a very talented CIC team member zoewoods.


Zoe Woods said...

Hey it looks great! and did you know, I'm welsh!

The Rainbow Room said...

: ) Where are you from? I am just an imposter from England!

Zoe Woods said...

South Wales, Abergavenny,quite a while ago, most of my family are still in wales