Monday, 20 July 2009

Nuno Felting

Nuno felting has been something I have wanted to try since I saw a demonstration at Moral Fibre over a year ago. So I purchased some rather gorgeous oceanic organza from my local fabric shop and today I had some time to try it out.
The fabric inspired me to do something sea like, I was thinking of a mermaids scarf. So out came the jade green, turquoise and blue merino wool and shades of bright pink too. All made shimmery like the ocean in the sunshine with angelina fibres, tussah silk, sari silk thread and a few more bits and bobs!!
It was very hard work and a lot of rubbing and rolling, next time I will use a less densely woven fabric!! BUT so happy with the result : )

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FELT 4U said...

Love you mermaids scarf, but wow what a lot of work. Check out