Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Outdoor Education

So today was Oudoor Education day..... still undecided on the school issue, so my 4 year old is staying with me, for now anyway. So off we went with the local group of home schoolers to Gilfach Nature Reserve. And what a lovely day, we had a lovely walk and saw the Salmon trying there best to get up the's such an amazing sight. My daughter loves fish and wanted to catch them all for tea...bless.
After lunch she did some painting and played under a huge Beech tree, while I got seriously absorbed with some willow. When I was young I made some baskets using a plastic weaving kit, but hey the real thing!! I have always wanted to have a go and have made the start of a wreath, which will be decorated with the Beech nuts we collected, and my little fishy who needs a home hanging somewhere special I think.
Happy days : )

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