Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Felted Art - With Added Positiveness

 Just wanted to share a couple of new felt canvases I have made - both with added positiveness!! They are both made from the same piece of rainbow felt, which is mainly Merino wool, but full of added sparkles, silk fibres, ribbons and yarns. They were then stitched in gold thread, one with "all you need is love" and the other with "live the life you love" two of my favourite affirmations.
 All you need is love ♥
Live the life you love ♥
I love positive words and quotes and really want to start collecting some pieces of art with lovely words (better start writing that Christmas list!) 
I have a board on Pinterest called lets get positive, I love...... Pinterest it's super addictive!
 I like to share a positive quote on my facebook page on monday mornings, it helps me start the week with positive words and I hope it helps other people get in a good frame of mind too : )

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