Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Fluffy Rainbow Dust

Making a plush felt rainbow is something I have wanted to work on for ages! I have made a small one as a keyring for myself - and I ♥ IT! So a first birthday present for a special little girl seemed like a good opportunity to make some rainbow room magic ; )
It all started off going well, recycled a cereal box into a rainbow pattern and cut out all the pieces sew them all together and a little pink heart for my signature - but then I started choking on fluffy rainbow dust and my sewing machine started eating the felt. I wasn't going to be beaten so I unpicked stitches and went to bed so i would be ready to get back to it today when i felt fresh!
Well I havn't felt very fresh today and my cheeky little daughter nicked a sweet from the shop - THEN nicked some bias binding from the fabric shop !!!! I don't think she really knew what she was doing as she is only 3 but it was a bit embarrassing, and it has just been one of those funny days ....................... But I had a rainbow to make so i cleaned my sewing machine experimented with the tension and persevered until I made the rainbow. I was so happy, it wasn't perfect but it was lovely and THEN I noticed it had a hole on the seam where the felt must have been weakened from, all that sewing and unpicking and sewing and unpicking and now I think its unfixable and I will have to start all again : (
Thats my love hate relationship with sewing machines - and hey it can't always go to plan making rainbows!!

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Jennifer Rose said...

that looks really nice :D shame about the hole tho :/ but its an excuse to make more :)

The Rainbow Room said...

I have managed to sew the hole by hand YEY!! It has definately been a learning curve : )