Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Guess What I Have Been Making

Something I have wanted to do for a while, and thanks to all your lovely comments I made another one for you!
'Rainbow Bubbles' is now in my Etsy shop : )
This one is the same as the one I made as a present for myself, but a bit better. It has 35 big hand felted beads (yes I made them) and the lovely silver bead caps, tiny beads and glass cubes.
I hope someone will love it as much as I love mine!!
I have had a busy day - I actually got to work while it was still light which is a big treat. My little girl and her dad had a day out leaving me to my rainbow making!!


The Dotty One said...

Yummy - these are gorgeous. Love the colours. My hand felted ball attempts have always turned out a bit wonky so I've kinda given up - seeing this I might give it a go! Fab :o)

woollywotnots said...

It is lovely and bright and very eye catching. Love the design.